How do bookings work?

Booking Basics 

• All job notifications are sent to you via email, and occasionally, through text message.

• As an independent contractor, you’re responsible to manage your own schedule so as not to double book yourself or forget about an upcoming job. 

• Jobs are first come first serve so the fastest way to learn about new opportunities is to set up push notifications for your incoming email. 

• You’ll receive an email to let you know when there’s a new job available. It will indicate whether you’ve worked for the family in the past or if the client is new to you. For bookings that are made by families you have sat for in the past, you will receive a one hour head start to accept the booking, before it is sent to all sitters to be able to accept.

• The details necessary for you to determine whether you want to take the job will be included in this email: + location (neighborhood/zip code) and date/time + children’s ages + exceptionalities + pets in the home 

• If you want the job, you must hit “accept” within the email notification. Clicking accept is committing to a job so please be aware of this process. 

• If the job has already been taken, you will not be able to complete the action. If the job is assigned to you, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the rest of the job details, including parent contact information and the specific address.

Once you’re booked, 

• Please call the parents as soon as you can to get connected and introduce yourself. If you're not able to get a hold of them, please leave a voicemail and send a text message.

• Parents will be able to call you through the app so please be aware of potential incoming calls and voicemail. 

• Please also check your voicemail greeting for professionalism. Some parents will call you, some won’t. 

• If you’re confirmed for a job, you are set to go regardless of direct contact from the parent.

When you arrive: 

• Sitters should be in the home, babysitting, at the designated start time. Please ensure you take into account parking, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

• If you are running late, please call the parent and let them know with enough time before the booking. Additionally, please follow up with a call to Helpr HQ at +1 877-417-4883.