***UPDATE: If you need to cancel a confirmed booking with Helpr, please cancel directly with clients and also fill out the  Helpr Cancellation form

How to notify the family:
  • We suggest calling the family first and then texting to ensure they get your message. 
  • Here’s an example of what to say (you are welcome to use this exact statement):   “Hi, this is [your name] from Helpr. I sincerely apologize, something unexpected has come up and I’m unable to babysit on [date]. I have notified Helpr and they'll be in touch during business hours. You can cancel directly in the Helpr app and because I notified the Helpr team, you won't be charged a cancellation fee. You can request a new booking through the Helpr app - bookings can be placed with 3 hours' notice.You can reach Helpr Customer Support by email at with any questions and they'll get back to you during business hours. Thank you so much.”
When to fill out the Helpr cancellation form:
  • Ideally, this should be filled out at least 24 hours before the start of care so the family can make a new booking. For a no show, this should be filled out as soon as you have communicated with the family.

***This form goes directly to the Helpr team who will follow up with you as soon as possible.***

What happens after you cancel care

  • If you'd like your cancellation to be marked extenuating, you MUST provide documentation to verify the extenuating circumstances. If proof of extenuating circumstances is not sent within 7 days of your cancellation, your cancellation will be marked "non-extenuating" and we may need to pause your profile.
  • Examples of proof include, a doctor’s note, an image of your positive test result which includes your name and the date, a message from your family regarding an emergency, etc. You can review additional examples here. If you're unsure of what to upload, you can submit the form without documentation and then follow up with the Helpr team directly and we'll be happy to work with you on what to send.
  • We understand things happen - we're all human. We typically allow 1 non-extenuating cancellation within a 6 month period before any action is taken on your account. *This does not apply to no call, no show cancellations.
  • If a second cancellation in 6 months occurs, we take a look at the circumstances and determine the best course of action for all involved to ensure your success and ours. We will communicate with you directly about what actions will be taken. We may,
    • Deactivate your account (temporarily or permanently)
    • Ask you to retake our guidelines quiz
    • Ask to connect directly
  • If you do not show up at a booking and do not contact Helpr nor the family prior, you will be made inactive in our system at least until you are able to connect with the Helpr team and your eligibility with us will be assessed.

***Please understand we have policies like this in place as we need to provide a reliable service to the best of our abilities, we need to be accountable for cancellations, and most importantly, because cancellations have a significant impact on families. 

Click here to read our FAQ for if the family cancels a confirmed booking

Please review our sick policy.