Rates and Payments


• Rates vary according to location of booking, number of children, and notice given for booking. Occasionally rates are job specific and in that case you’ll be notified directly by email. 

• Our rates are standard. We do not negotiate sitter rates unless it is a special circumstance. (ie: high booking demand or distance). If you accept a job via the email notification, you are agreeing to the rate listed in the booking. 


• We use Stripe to forward your payment from parents. When you are added to the platform, you will receive an email to set up your account and sync with your bank. 

• We bill on the quarter hour so please round to the nearest 15 minute mark when reporting your hours. Not confirming your time worked within 24 hours of completing a booking will result in being paid for what you were booked, and extra time worked will be forfeited. 

• If you work more or less hours than booked, please email hours@helpr-app.com to let us know within 24 hours of completing the job.

  •  Do not accept cash payment for your booking, or cash tips. Parents are billed electronically, and can let Helpr Customer Support know if they would like to add a tip.