Our Clients


• Clients have a sitter “Favorites” list so they’ll be able to send booking requests directly to you if they’ve had a positive experience.  Clients can also search sitters in their local area and add them to their Favorites list.

• If they ask you to come back for another date, let them know they must book you through the app. “Favorite” sitters get an hour head start to accept a booking before a booking is sent out to the general sitter list. 

• Our client list is considered a trade secret. That means that if you meet a family through Helpr, you must book future babysitting jobs with that family through Helpr. 

• Clients may ask to book you directly from time to time so it’s your responsibility to let them know you have a contract prohibiting you from doing so. 

• Non-judgement: we approach families with compassion, openness, and non-judgment. For cases of abuse, we are mandatory reporters. If you have concerns, please contact our Support team.