Our Code of Conduct

Helpr Code of Conduct is a guide for you based on industry standards. If a complaint comes in from a parent, we use this data to determine if the helpr is, indeed, qualified to stay on the platform. Please review carefully. 

Violations to industry Code of Conduct include but are not limited to: 

Not showing up for a job, arriving late without giving reasonable notice, or a last minute cancellation. 

  • Reasonable is defined as sufficient time for Helpr to notify the parent and rebook the job with another helpr. 
  • Arriving on time is defined by being in the door and working with family at the designated start time. Parking time is not included. 

Using technology to entertain children as a replacement for active engagement, unless explicitly outlined as household routine and endorsed by a parent. 

  • Including but not limited to TV, computer, tablets, cell phone, etc. 
  • Be engaging, play with their toys, take them on walks (with permission), draw pictures, lead games, etc. 

Spending time on your phone or personal device(s) while actively providing care.

  • While you are providing care, your primary focus should be engaging with the child or children under your supervision.
  • Helprs should not be on their phone or personal device(s) unless for an emergency, to support activities the family has set (music on a bluetooth speaker for example), or communicating with the client directly. If a child you're caring for is asleep, please be sure to handle all household upkeep and tidying before using your phone/device for personal communication and entertainment.
  • Text messages from the Helpr team are not emergent. If you receive a text while at a booking, you can reply when you're available with the above considerations or reply when your booking is complete.

Leaving work and play spaces untidy, especially the kitchen with dishes used during your job. 

  • We know that thorough clean-up is not always possible, but please try to remember that it is best practice to leave a space tidier than how you found it, especially if there is downtime. 
  • If there is a mess upon a parent’s arrival, offer to stay and wrap it up. 

Leaving the house or hotel room with the children without a parent’s permission.

  • Ask parents before the visit starts if they want you to stay in the home/hotel or are able to leave with the child for a walk, etc. 
  • We do not offer driving services. If a parent would like for you to transport their children in a hired car, that is up to your discretion as a job-related responsibility.  Refer the parent to Helpr, hello@helpr-app.com of 877-417-4883,  if they have questions. 

Being under the influence of substances right before or while on the job.

  • Additionally, do not accept any alcohol or substances from parents while on the job, even if 

Bringing family members, children or friends to a booking, or having them visit during a booking. 

  • Visitors are not part of the Helpr screening process. Further, we want to ensure your attention is focused on the children in your care. 

Helpr-Specific Platform Mandates and Restrictions

Dress comfortably and professionally. 

  • Remember, this is a job, so use your best judgment. 

Do not drive children in your car or a parent’s car. 

  • We do not offer driving services. Do not drive any children in your vehicle or a parent’s vehicle. Please refer parents to Helpr Customer Support; 877-417-4883 or hello@helpr-app.com if they ask you to drive. 

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & Sick Policy:

  • Please click here to review our Sitter Leave Policy as needed.
  • Masking is up to the discretion of those making the booking. Sitters should have a mask with them and must wear it if that is the client's preference.
    • If you don’t have access to masks, please email us and we can help. We recommend a medical mask that protects you and the family, vs. a cloth or home made mask.  

Please contact us with any questions or concerns: hello@helpr-app.com