COVID-19 Policies for Helprs

We appreciate your understanding and your following of these guidelines as we strive to keep health and safety at top of mind for all at Helpr. 

COVID-19 vaccination status:

  • Note your household vaccination status and your preference around sitter vaccination status in the booking details. 
  • In order to accept ‘vaccinated caregivers only’ bookings, helprs must have already uploaded proof of vaccination to Helpr. 
  • Your vaccination status will be marked in your app profile and included in the booking confirmation.


  • Masking is at the discretion of the client user. 
  • Bring a mask in case the client prefers/asks that you wear one. 

Working with Helpr after a COVID-19 exposure or positive test result:

*What kind of test can I submit?

  • Tests performed by a testing center/medical professional are preferred. Look for appointments in your area through your insurance, at community health centers or private companies.
  • We’ll also accept an at-home rapid test. If your at-home rapid test does not include your name or the date the test was taken, please upload a picture of the test on a piece of paper with your name signed, printed and the date your test was taken. 

Negative tests must be submitted to Helpr’s secure file here. Don’t forget to notify after you upload!

See our COVID-19 policies for families booking with Helpr here.