How are Helpr rates for care determined?

All Helpr sitter rates are at or above market rates for vetted, on-demand, intermittent care. Helpr strives to pay sitters a fair rate while maintaining affordability for families, all of whom are members of the larger Helpr community. Rates may fluctuate over time as Helpr adjusts for changing markets.

Other reasons you may see the rate for a booking change:

  • Rates vary by location as market rates range across cities and states.
  • Rates increase for the number of children needing care. 
  • Rates may increase for short notice care. You will be notified of rate increases for individual bookings by email and occasionally by text message. 
  • Rates may also increase if the booking falls on a holiday.

If you have questions about the rate of a particular booking, 

  • Please reach out to the Helpr Customer Support team before accepting and we are happy to discuss with you during business hours. 
  • Please do not reach out to families to discuss or negotiate rates. Many of Helpr's clients receive employee benefits which subsidize the cost of care, meaning the clients do not set your rate. 

***Please note, If you accept a job via the email notification or via text, you are agreeing to all details including the rate listed in the request Helpr will not adjust or negotiate the rate after care is accepted.***

***Please, do not ever accept cash payment at your booking, or cash tips. Parents are billed electronically, and can email Helpr Customer Support to add a tip and we'll be happy to do so. If you accept direct payment, the client will end up paying twice and you will be asked to return the direct payment.***