How will I get paid by Helpr?

  • Helpr uses the payment platform Stripe to send your payments via direct deposit to your bank account or debit card. 
    • If you choose to link a debit card, please note down the debit card number. For security purposes, Stripe will require you to verify this debit card number if you ever need to update the payment on file.
  • When you are onboarded to the platform, you will receive an email to set up your account and sync with your bank. If you are having trouble setting up your Stripe account please contact to reach our support team. 
  • We bill on the quarter hour so please round to the nearest 15 minute mark when reporting hour changes on the sitter portal. Requests to adjust hours must be made through the portal within 24 hours of completing a booking. 
  • If you have any trouble adjusting hours on the portal, please email to let us know within 24 hours of completing the job. The 24 hour mark is important because we send your payments on a schedule to ensure you're paid as quickly as possible. If you request after this time frame, we won't see it in time to adjust. 

***Please, do not ever accept cash payment at your booking, or cash tips. Parents are billed electronically, and can email Helpr Customer Support to add a tip and we'll be happy to do so. If you accept direct payment, the client will end up paying twice and you will be asked to return the direct payment.***