When will I get paid by Helpr?

Payments from Helpr are processed on a rolling schedule;

    • Payments are initiated by the Helpr team within 2 business days after a booking is completed.
    • We always allow 24 hours to pass to give you time to update your hours if needed - hours can be updated directly in your portal.
    • Once sent, payments can take up to another 2 business days to land in your bank account. 
    • This means that generally speaking, payments will be in your bank account within 4 business days of completing a booking.
    • For Helpr's Network of sitters - cancellations pay is also initiated on this schedule. For uploaded providers, please discuss cancelations directly with your client.

How to track your payments from Helpr:

  • You can view your past bookings in your portal to see when payments have been sent by the Helpr team team.
    • When you see "Payment pending" in your portal, this means payment has not been initiated by the Helpr team yet.
    • When you see "Payment completed" in your portal, this means payment has been sent by our team but it may not be in your direct deposit account yet because once sent, payments can take up to another 2 business days to land in your bank account. 
  • You can log into your Stripe account through your portal to view all payments you have received from Helpr.

***If you would like to inquire about payment for a booking, please contact hello@helpr-app.com to reach our support team. Please provide the job ID # (located in your portal and confirmation email), date of care provided and the name of the client for the fastest response from our team.


  • Due to Stripe policy, first time payments to new users may be placed under an up-to 7-business day hold so first time payments may take longer to get to you. If you email our team after setting up your Stripe account, we can send your first penny ASAP. This will help get you paid for care as soon as possible once booked.
  • There may be delays in payment on the weeks where there are bank holidays, meaning banks are closed. This is not something the Helpr team is able to bypass. We appreciate your patience and understanding.