I'd like to negotiate rate for a Helpr booking, how should I go about doing that?

Helpr strives to pay sitters a fair rate while maintaining affordability for families, all of whom are members of the larger Helpr community. We share the rate for care in all Helpr booking request emails so there is full transparency on what you'll be paid for care and so you can make an informed decision if a care opportunity works for you.

We are happy to discuss rate with you but please do note all of our rates are already at or above market rate for backup, on demand care by location.

How to negotiate rate with Helpr,

  • If you'd like to negotiate rate, you must do so before accepting a booking. When you accept a job, you are accepting all of the details listed. You cannot accept on a conditional basis meaning accepting but only if certain details can be changed. When you accept, the family is notified that you will be able to meet their care need unless a true emergency comes up.
  • You can reach out by email or text to discuss rate. Helpr Support is available Monday - Friday from 6am - 6pm PST and responds to most inquiries within just an hour and 98% of the time, within the same day. Please do not call to discuss rate, our phone lines are open for more emergent needs.
  • Please always include the Job/Booking ID # (located at the top of the request email) so we can easily find the booking in our system and get you an answer asap!
  • Please let us know why you are requesting an increased rate: common reasons for Helpr to agree to a rate adjustment are the request is short notice (you're having to rearrange plans to get there, etc.), you are far from care and will be traveling to accommodate.
    • Regarding transportation coverage, Helpr does not guarantee transportation coverage but we want care to work for all involved. This also means that we need to try and match families with sitters as close by as possible for long term sustainability. We can accommodate rate changes for distance on occasion but not on a long term basis. We will typically let you know by text if a booking is negotiable on rate for distance.

Please note, bookings are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. You are welcome to reach out and discuss rate but please understand in that time, another sitter may accept the job. If that happens, it's likely the best scenario for all involved because it means the given rate worked for all involved.

Here's an example of a text exchange where rate negotiation occurred between the Helpr Support team and a Helpr sitter: