Why is it important to follow Helpr cancellation protocols?

*As a reminder, Helpr's cancellation protocol is to notify the family and fill out our cancellation form as soon as you are aware you won't be able to make it to a confirmed job. 

  • The form serves as an important notification to Helpr that a cancelation has occurred. If Helpr is not notified of the cancelation, we may charge the client and pay you for care that was not provided.  
  • Cancelations must occur in a timely manner because the Helpr team needs as much time as possible to potentially assist the family with rematching them with the care they are expecting to have - the earlier you let us know, the better chance we have of succeeding here. 
  • Some communication with the family is always better then no communication with the family.
    • If you can't fill out the form right away because you are in an emergent situation, please start with a text or call to the family and then to Helpr as a first notification. Then fill out the form once later once you are able.
    • When families are not notified their expected care can't make it, they are left not only stranded without care but also concerned for their sitter's well being.
  • Our form provides instructions for next steps for you after a cancelation, such as how and when to notify clients directly and what this means for your future with Helpr.